3 unique dishes made from Iberico pork.

Iberico Ham Pork: The 5 Best Ways to Enjoy

The unique flavor characteristic of Iberico Ham is worthy of our respect. A talented cook is someone who knows how to combine Iberico Ham with other ingredients so that the flavors of Iberico Ham are not overpowering. And there are many ways to do that. Here, let's Cooken Trading discover the best ways to enjoy Iberico Ham.

Enjoy the original Iberico Ham Pork

If you are not familiar with Iberico Ham, the best solution is that you should not prepare sophisticated Iberico Ham. Let's simplify the preparation because the original Iberico Ham flavor is already great.

Take a portion of Iberico Ham and warm it up. A portion of Iberico Ham including meat and fat is sure to satisfy the most demanding diners. For a dish that leaves an aftertaste like Iberico Ham, let's take a second to feel the wonderful flavor remaining. That would be a wonderful feeling.

One way to clean the mouth after enjoying Iberico Ham is to take a sip of white wine or a piece of fruit to get ready for the next dishes.

Iberico Ham Steak

To make dinner more luxurious and special, let's create Iberico Ham bacon into steak. Steak is the perfect choice for dinner, but preparing it is also quite difficult. The first thing we need to do is complete the accompanying fries.

For the steak, season with salt and pepper to infuse before cooking. Once the steak is cooked evenly on both sides, place it on a plate and let it cool for 2-3 minutes. It will taste better if you choose the Paleta Iberica Cebo De Campo to saute with half a teaspoon of Quince Jelly. The attraction of this steak is the harmonious combination of the salty taste of Iberico Ham and the sweetness of Quince Jelly.